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Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers

Whether you are purchasing your first home, selling a multi-million-dollar beach house, leasing or purchasing commercial real estate, or involved in a dispute with a general contractor, it is in your best interest to consult with a real estate lawyer.

Real estate transactions typically involve a substantial investment and important, potentially life-changing decisions. The small expense of having legal representation during this process can save you significant time, stress, and money.

If you need assistance with any type of real estate transaction or dispute, the experienced, knowledgeable Los Angeles real estate lawyers at The Sands Law Group APLC will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights and best interests are protected every step of the way.

We offer a comprehensive menu of legal services at an affordable rate and multi-lingual staff who can communicate with clients in five languages: Hebrew, French, Arabic, Spanish, and English. Contact us today for a confidential consultation about your case.

Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys Experienced In Commercial and Residential Property

Real estate law involves much more than buying and selling residential properties. At The Sands Law Group APLC, our LA real estate lawyers handle all types of commercial and residential real estate transactions, including:

  • Drafting commercial and residential lease documents, and purchase contracts;
  • Resolving disputes with general contractors, neighbors, landlords, and tenants;
  • Assisting landlords and tenants with evictions and other disputes;
  • Advising on matters related to property taxes, estate planning, deeds, and zoning issues;
  • Completing title searches and writing title insurance policies;
  • Reviewing purchase agreements, title reports, mortgage documents, and transfer documents; and
  • Representing your interests at closing.

When Should You Hire an Attorney?

It’s always wise to have legal representation when you’re making a large investment or a decision that will significantly impact your life. And the sale or purchase of a home or commercial property certainly falls under both of these categories.

Although hiring a real estate lawyer is not required by law in California, many individuals, families, and business owners do hire legal counsel for part or all of the process.

Some people choose to hire a real estate attorney early on, for the sole purpose of reviewing the brokerage contract before moving forward with the purchase or sale. Others wait until closing. Still, others have an attorney by their side throughout the entire process, protecting their rights and best interests at each stage.

As real estate agents are usually limited to filling out purchase contract templates, you should seriously consider hiring an attorney if you are dealing with a particularly complex contract.

Furthermore, your Los Angeles real estate lawyer can review the terms of the purchase contract to protect your interests and prevent potential problems from arising down the road. When an attorney reviews a purchase contract, they will seek answers to a litany of important questions, including:

  • Is the closing timeline reasonable?
  • Under what conditions can you withdraw from the contract?
  • Are there any liens against the property?
  • Is there adequate title insurance on the property?

Real estate closings involve extensive paperwork and require the signing of countless legal documents. Los Angeles real estate lawyers assist you through this complicated and sometimes intimidating process is critical, especially for first-time homebuyers.

And real estate attorneys are absolutely necessary for particularly complex situations, such as in transactions involving a short sale, estate sale, or auction, or when you are selling/purchasing an out-of-state home, or a property with significant structural damage or liens against the title.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Real Estate Lawyer Cost?

The cost of a real estate lawyer varies widely, from hundreds of dollars per hour to just a few hundred dollars at closing. At The Sands Law Group APLC, we offer affordable, unbundled services to all of our clients, whether you are buying your first home or purchasing a multi-million dollar commercial property.

Do You Need an Attorney To Buy a House?

Although you are not required to hire a real estate attorney to buy or sell a home in California or Hawaii, some mortgage companies may require you to hire one. Furthermore, many individuals, families, landlords, and business owners want the legal protection offered by experienced legal counsel. A Los Angeles attorney can protect your rights and best interests, review contracts, prevent or resolve disputes, save you money, and create a more positive experience overall.

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If you have questions about any type of real estate transaction or dispute, the legal team at The Sands Law Group APLC can help. Our skilled Los Angeles real estate lawyers have assisted countless individuals, families, landlords, tenants, and businesses with real estate transactions, large and small. Contact us today for a confidential consultation about your case.

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