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Honolulu Child Custody Attorneys Child custody disputes can bring a great deal of stress and uncertainty to both parents and children. Although these issues are never easy, with the assistance of an experienced child custody lawyer, you can navigate the process in the most painless and economical way possible, while protecting the best interests of your child(ren). In both Hawaii, multiple laws and factors exist to help ensure that the custodial decision made is the right one.

At The Sands Law Group APLC, our team of accomplished and compassionate Honolulu child custody attorneys is here to help you move through this process and make the best financial, practical, and emotional decisions possible. We have helped countless families through these troubling times, and we always put the best interests of you and your children first and foremost.

With premium legal services, affordable fees, and a multilingual staff offering service in five different languages—Hebrew, French, Arabic, Spanish, and English—we will remain by your side throughout the entire process. For a confidential consultation about your case, call The Sands Law Group APLC today.

Types of Child Custody in Hawaii

Both legal and physical custody are acknowledged in the courts of Hawaii. Physical custody refers to the parent or guardian with whom the child lives, whereas the right of a parent to make vital life decisions falls under the umbrella of legal custody. Legal custody decisions may include:

  • Schooling and/or child care
  • Living arrangements
  • Medical appointments and counseling needs
  • Religious affiliations and where they practice
  • Sports and extracurriculars 
  • Travel and vacation

It is possible that both parents could hold legal and/or physical custody. However, it is just as likely that only one parent holds these rights and responsibilities. A parent who has their child less than half-time technically has only visitation rights. 

Depending on the best interests of the child and other factors, the type and frequency of this visitation can vary. Our team of experienced Honolulu child custody attorneys can help you determine the most suitable arrangement for your family’s unique needs. 

Helping Parents Understand Custody Laws

Child custody decisions should always start with the best interests of the children. Neither parent may be a suitable guardian, in which case custody will be given to a third party, for instance, a relative. 

The factors below are considered when determining custody in a child custody case: 

  •     Which parent/guardian is more suited to care for and provide stability to the child;
  •     The current relationship between parent and child;
  •     The existing relationship between the child and other family members;
  •     Potential history of abuse between parent and child, whether that be emotional, physical, or sexual; and 
  •     The input of the child, if under proper circumstances and if the child is of appropriate decision-making age.

A highly-skilled Honolulu child custody lawyer will work tirelessly to protect your rights and ensure a favorable outcome for you and your child.

Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer In Honolulu

Hiring a child custody attorney puts you in the best possible position to undergo this emotionally draining process. Not only can a family law lawyer help move you through the process in an organized manner, but their deep knowledge of the constantly-evolving child custody laws also will help to ensure that you are not being wronged or taken advantage of. Every step you take in the child custody process is critical, and your attorney can advise you concerning every decision.

During this emotional time, it is common to feel resentment toward the other parent/guardian, and the same is certainly true of the other party. Such high emotions can dramatically impact how each person perceives the other’s side of the argument. Your custody attorney is best equipped to state your case, on your behalf, void of the emotional blocks that may be standing in your way. Not only will our legal team of child custody attorneys help you through this daunting process, but they will also do it at an affordable rate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Really Need a Lawyer For Child Custody?

Even if you and your former spouse or partner have a relatively amicable relationship, it is still possible for child custody arrangements to cause tension and uncertainty. Some agreements can be made without a lawyer, but it is typically in everyone’s best interests to have legal representation. If the parents/guardians can agree on their own, this is ideal. But having a child custody lawyer review said agreement before finalization ensures that your rights are protected. A confidential consultation with The Sands Law Group APLC can guide you in how to move forward. 

What Do Judges Look For in Child Custody Cases?

Judges will consider multiple factors regarding the child’s rights and best interests. These include: 

  • The age of the child and which caregiver is better suited to meet their needs;
  • Which parent/guardian will provide more consistency in routines, such as living arrangements, schooling, and other family member exposure;
  • Proper parenting ability regarding fundamental needs, safety, and wellbeing of the child;
  • Significance of changing the child’s current living situation, and how it could positively or negatively affect them; and
  • The overall safety of the child.

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